Huysken Van Riel
Coletta Blood
Vic Miller
Super 73
Telephone: (925) 757-9297

Complete sell out!
All birds for sale October/November 2017!
Retiring from the sport due to health; call or email for details

Latest news

WON THE AU BREEDER'S CUP AWARD, 2010/2011/2012/AND 2013

Won the Breeders Elite Award in 2011

2013 72nd Place, 8th Place USA South African Million Dollar Race

2013 FSI 350 4th Place - Lorifice Family Handler

2013 1st Place 350 MAO Race - Joe Zack Handler

2012 1st Place 200 Mile MAO Race - Joe Zack Handler

2011 4th Place Gulf Coast Classic

2011 3rd Place San Fransico Bay Area Classic

2010 4th Place Gulf Coast Classic

2006 11th Place, 2nd Place USA Soth Africa Million Dollar Race

South Africa Million Dollar Race
8th Place 38th Place - Had the best returns in the race and the best performance in the world in 1999.

Meet Buffalo Bill!

"Lou Coletta Lofts" are tucked into a narrow courtyard alongside Lou and Dona Coletta's handsome home on Garrow Drive in Antioch, California. The average person would never guess that behind the cedar fences lining the back yard are four lofts of racing pigeons. Not just any racing pigeons, but birds that have made Lou Coletta's name well known among racing pigeon enthusiasts due to the extraordinary success of their progeny in major futurities around the world. We welcome you to our web site to view and purchase some of the most well known birds in the world! We hope you enjoy our Web site!

Lou Coletta WINS the "Master Breeder Award" presented
to him at the 2005 and 2006 AU Convention.



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